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Sixthman and Norwegian Cruise Lines are committed to ensuring that EVERY guest onboard has access to the moments that makes life ROCK! 

Prior to booking, check out our ship’s accessibility details. To discuss any questions you may have regarding this information or your specific needs, you may contact the Sixthman Guest Services team prior to booking, and remember to discuss your needs with the reservationist at the time of booking.

Your information and requirements will be sent to Norwegian’s Access Desk approximately 60 days prior to sailing. If your needs require more advanced notice, the Sixthman team will notify Norwegian accordingly. Approximately 4-6 weeks before sailing, via email, you will receive your Norwegian reservation number and additional information regarding how you may contact the Access Desk directly for any additional questions you have before embarkation.

At time of booking, please discuss your needs with the Sixthman Guest Services team by contacting us. We can arrange to have no sugar, low sodium meals, and gluten free items for guests with those specific medical dietary restrictions upon request. Refrigerators are available in all staterooms for storing insulin.

Once on board, wheelchairs are available for guest use ONLY in the event of a medical emergency. However, if you require mobility assistance for embarkation and/or debarkation, these items are available upon request when you arrive at the port. If you require the use of a mobility assistive device throughout your vacation, we ask that you travel with your own, or rent one from a third party company that works with the cruise line such as Special Needs at Sea. You may rent equipment once you receive your Norwegian reservation number 4-6 weeks prior to sailing.

Special Needs at Sea
Phone: (toll-free) 800-513-4515 or 954-585-0575
Fax: 954-585-0577 

There are special menus for youngsters and special entrées from Cooking Light®. Special meals are available including low-calorie, vegetarian, no MSG, low/no sodium and low/no cholesterol meals, as well as sugar-free and fat-free desserts.

If you have any food allergy or a dietary requirement that requires Kosher meals or gluten free food products, please advise Sixthman at the time of booking. Obtaining the product for many of these requests requires 30-days notice prior to sailing, and we want to ensure that Norwegian is able to fulfill your request. Norwegian cannot guarantee Kosher meal or gluten free food product requests made within 30 days of sail date.

For the protection of all of our guests, it is not permissible to bring aboard any food items that would require preparation by the ship’s staff, or food items that would require cold storage in Norwegian's kitchen facilities.

The ship offers vegetarian options, but not specifically vegan options in the main dining rooms. You will be able to navigate your dietary needs by speaking with the restaurant manager on board (during the first day of sailing) in order to discuss what dishes may be prepared for you. The buffets, of course, will contain many fresh food items that are vegan (vegetables, fruits, beans), but for any cooked dishes, you will need to inquire if they had been prepared with butter vs. oil, etc. You may also bring with you pre-packaged snack items to supplement your dietary needs, but no fresh food items, as they are prohibited by US Customs.

Yes. Among other accommodations, items such as portable kits in your stateroom that include a visual-tactile alert system, assistive listening devices, TTY phones, and closed-captioned televisions are available upon request. Guests may also request to arrange an embarkation day meeting with a staff member who will see to your accessibility needs during the cruise and/or individual or group emergency drills for all deaf or low hearing guests.

Sign language interpreting services may be provided for deaf guests upon request. A request for sign language interpreting should be made at the time of booking, but no later than 90 days prior to sailing. Requests are subject to a number of considerations, including but not limited to, the availability of interpreters and cabin space. A request for an interpreter with less than 90 days’ notice may still be granted but cannot be guaranteed.

Please visit Norwegian Cruise Line’s Accessibility Assistance page for complete details.

Yes. Braille/tactile signage is found throughout the ship. By request, an embarkation day meeting with a staff member who will see to your accessibility needs during the cruise and/or vessel orientation tour is available for blind or low vision guests. Service animals are allowed on board but must be arranged through the Access Desk prior to the cruise.

Please visit Norwegian Cruise Line’s Accessibility Assistance page for complete details.

Yes. Norwegian Cruise Line accepts service dogs that are trained to perform a specific task. A service dog may be needed for many different conditions, which would be acceptable under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. In accordance with the ADA, Norwegian Cruise Line does NOT accept “Emotional Support” dogs as service dogs; they CANNOT sail.

Please visit Norwegian Cruise Line’s Accessibility Assistance page for complete details about what travel documentation is required for service animals to travel.

Whether you are admitted to the ship’s medical center or a medical facility in a foreign port, your medical expenses will be your out-of-pocket responsibility. Most standard health insurance policies do not cover treatment outside of the US. Please check with your insurance provider for more information. 

To ensure that you have assistance with medical expenses during your trip, we strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. Sixthman offers you a leading travel insurance plan through our partnership with Travel Insured International. The standard policy includes Emergency Medical Protection of up to $25,000 reimbursement for care and treatment and up to $50,000 reimbursement for emergency medical evacuation. To discuss questions and pricing for insurance coverage, please contact Sixthman Guest Services.


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