The Lowdown

DAY ONE: Later, Miami!

Look to your left. Now look to your right. You just met a few of your new best friends for the next four days. We're giving Miami the ol' "boy, bye!" and kicking this epic adventure into high gear. You're officially on vacation, Parafam! Pro tip for day one: get to know the ship. Most of the action takes place on decks 7 and 12. Grab a pal, take a walk, and get comfy with your home away from home, Norwegian Jade. (Psst...be sure to claim your free HIGH FIVE when you make it to the top of the gangway. It's tradition!)

DAY TWO: Day at Sea

Well, hello sailor! Got your sea legs? We sure hope so because this day is jam-packed with endless activities, concerts on multiple venues throughout the ship, and a wacky theme night to top it all off. If you're feelin' lucky, swing by the casino to place your bets, or stop by the official PARAHOY merch store to score some event swag you can't get anywhere else. Next stop...PARAdise!

DAY THREE: Nassau, Bahamas

That's right kings and queens of the beach -- it's time to dig your toes into the white sand, soak in some sun (after you put on your SPF, duh), and experience all that Nassau has to offer. Book a shore excursion if you're feeling adventurous, or bee-bop around town and snag some duty free treats. And make sure to try some local cuisine! Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you're back on board in time for another night of fun, you coconut!

DAY FOUR: Day at Sea

Rise and shine, dudes and dudettes! It's our final full day together, and we've got ALL THE FUN in store for you. Get together with all the new friends you've made and participate in one of our kooky onboard activities, chow down on soft serve until you can't breathe, and dance 'til you drop while your favorite bands rock the ship! Sleep is soooo overrated...

DAY FIVE: Hold up. We're already back in Miami?!

Yep. Afraid it's true. We're back in Miami, and the real world awaits. (Ew). But don't even sweat it! Just think about all of the amazing memories you created these past four days! We're going to miss you like whoa, so make sure you show us lots of love on social media by tagging all of your fave photos with #parahoy. And be sure to keep up with all of your new besties year round by joining the official Facebook group! Luv u mean it, k thx bye!

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