Paramore Acoustic Mini-Sets

If you're sailing on Parahoy, that means you'll get to attend one of three Paramore Acoustic Mini-Sets in the Stardust Theater! You will receive an assigned show and spot number that will show up on your keycard. Read up on these important FAQs so you know exactly what to expect from these special sets!


It’s an acoustic set that’s mini! Think 3-4 songs. These acoustic mini-sets mark the first time that Paramore has ever played inside the theater on Parahoy! It’s a one-time, one-of-a-kind intimate experience for Parahoy guests only. How cool is that?

At the request of the band, we kindly ask that you leave phones and cameras in your cabin. Use of cameras and phones is prohibited during the Acoustic Mini-Sets. We invite you to sit back, enjoy the show, and take in this one in a lifetime experience.

Because Parahoy sold out during the pre-sale, ALL guests on board will get access to ONE acoustic mini-set in the Stardust theater. Your show and spot numbers will be listed on your keycard. When you arrive at the theater, ushers will be on hand to help you to your assigned spot.

PIT Ticket

Regular Ticket


First, take a look at the handy theater map we made for you HERE. Show numbers and spot numbers are assigned based on when you booked your cabin. The sooner your cabin was booked, the closer you will be to the stage.

The first 150 guests who booked a cabin will receive access to the PIT. If you’re one of these people, move ahead to the next question. If not, keep reading.

Let’s walk through an example…

First, we will fill the PIT with those cabins who booked the cruise first.

Once the PIT is full, we will move on to assigning actual chairs/seats. So the next cabin will be assigned to show one, row B, seats 1 and 2.

The next cabin that booked, will be assigned to show two, row B, seats 1 and 2.

And so on and so on until everyone has a spot at ONE show.

So you have one of those coveted spots in the pit? Sweet! Here’s how the pit process will work for each acoustic mini-set.

  • The pit does NOT have spots assigned within the pit area. However, you'll be assigned a pit line entry number based on booking date and time. Earliest booking time = first in line.
  • Show up to your scheduled acoustic mini-set 10 mins prior to doors. PIT guests will line up in front of the Stardust Theater Deck 6, STARBOARD Side.

When the theater is ready, PIT guests will be the first to enter.  We will allow entrance into the theater in small groups. For example, numbers 1-15 will enter the theater first. Once that group is all settled, we will then let in the next group, numbers 16-30 and so on. 

Guests booked on the same reservation will be seated together.

Please note that ALL guests must be named on your reservation by March 16, 2018 in order to guarantee that you are seated together.

Short answer: Nope.

Long answer: We tried to assign spots as fairly as possible, and there are no bad seats in the entire theater. We know you’ll enjoy the mini sets no matter where you are! Because your show and spot numbers are linked directly to your keycard, you will not be able to trade with other guests. Please be aware that ushers may check keycards at random.

No. In order to make sure everyone gets a chance to see one of the indoor mini-sets, we can only allow you to attend one show. Your keycard will correspond with your assigned show ONLY.

That’s the beauty of having assigned spots – there’s no need for you to wait in line! Please arrive at the theater 15 minutes prior to the start of your assigned show. Your spot will be waiting for you inside the theater!

We kindly ask that you exit the theater immediately upon the conclusion of each acoustic mini-set. We will need time to reset the room for the next group of guests, and we need your help to make sure everything runs on time.

Guests who require accessible seating will be assigned a spot just like everyone else. If you require one of the limited spots on the wheelchair accessible platform, our venue manager will be on hand to help you get settled. Because accessible seating areas are limited, we ask that you bring only ONE companion along with you.

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