Rules of Engagement

No Photos or Autograph Rules
The goal in establishing a “rules of engagement” is to allow us to create an environment where your hosts, Paramore, can walk around the ship and enjoy the cruise without continually being stopped for a photo or autograph. We prefer to get your hosts involved in unique activities like PARAOKE. In addition to doing that again, Hayley, Taylor, and Zac will each host additional activities on board.

We realize it’s so tough NOT to approach your heroes, but we hope you will find the strength and discipline to keep it cool.  In case you aren’t sure how to handle a surprise encounter with a band member, we have included some ideas for you below.  

We created the following as a guide:

Top 10 things to do when you see the band out and about.

1. Offer a casual “what’s up” head nod as you walk on by 

2. Get directions to the soft serve machine
3. Congratulate them on the release of their album, After Laughter!  
4. Tell them your best knock-knock joke
5. Stop and give them a HIGH FIVE! 

6. Ask, "How are enjoying this weather in Nassau?"
7. Give them some bellyflop tips for the pool
8. Autograph your business card and give to them 

9. Show your push up skills, drop down and give ‘em 20
10. Discuss your favorite alternative hair color

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